Window Tinting Services for Moreno Valley, Corona, Ontario, and Fontana, CA

Located in Riverside, CA

Window tinting is one of the best things you can do to protect your car, home, and business’s interior. Come to Sundown Window Tinting for professional window tint installation, and we’ll take care of every window on your property. Located in Riverside, CA, we also serve Moreno Valley, CA; Ontario, CA; and Corona, CA.

Why Choose Our Window Tinting Services?

When you hire us to tint your windows, you’ll see some great benefits. The benefits differ depending on what type of tinting you choose.


With tinted windows on your car, you can enjoy greater privacy because people won’t be able to see inside
your vehicle as easily. The tinted windows also reduce how hot your car gets in the sun.

Additionally, tinting will block UV rays. UV rays can damage your skin and cause your interiors to fade,
so protect yourself and your car’s interior.

Residential and Commercial

When you hire us to tint your home or business’s windows, you’re protecting yourself and your belongings.
Tinting will stop UV rays from harming your skin and the skin of your family or employees, and it will stop
your furniture from fading. Window tinting will also minimize the loss of heat and cold air, so it improves
efficiency. Lastly, as with automotive tinting, you’ll enjoy less glare and better privacy.

Why Choose Sundown Window Tinting?

We’ve been in business for over 40 years, and our experience speaks for itself. When you choose us, you’ll get the highest-quality materials and a lifetime warranty on the tinting. Because of our experience and large team, we can get done any job quickly and efficiently.

Sundown Window Tinting provides owners with unparalleled protection, whether in your auto, home, or business. Over 40 years in business has taught us exactly what the best option is in any given scenario, and we back up our work with a lifetime warranty. Our trained staff will ensure that you have an outstanding buyer experience, and we pride ourselves in our commitment to a long term relationship with customers.

Within minutes of the films’ application, you’ll notice less glare and greater comfort, and within a month, significant savings on your home or business energy bill.

From Riverside to San Jacinto, Loma Linda to Chino, and everywhere in between, window film is changing how Southern California works and relaxes.

Get the sleek appearance you want and the value you expect with the latest in Auto Tint technology.

Sundown window films preserve and protect your furnishings, fabrics and floors as well as block 99.9% of all ultraviolet rays.

Take control on overall operating costs, balance building temperatures, reduce the load on HVAC systems, and add protection from vandals.

Energy conserving Mecho Shades® and ElectroShades work in harmony with the dynamic use of glass to improve interior environments with optimum solar protection.