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What Causes Car Window Tinting in Riverside, CA to Peel?

If you’ve ever seen peeling car window tinting in Riverside, CA, you may wonder how this happens. This condition may make you hesitant to purchase car window tinting for your vehicle. Read on to find out what makes car window tinting peel and how you can easily fix this if you would like window tinting on your vehicle.

Causes of Peeling

There are three main causes of peeling in car window tinting in Riverside, CA. First is sun exposure. After years of harsh heat, the tinting adhesive begins to break down. As this happens, the film starts to detach from the glass, starting at the edges.

The second cause is age. As with any other product, nothing lasts forever. Your car window tinting in Riverside, CA will hopefully have a long, healthy life, but it eventually needs to be replaced.

The third cause of peeling is poor installation. If your window tinting was not attached properly to the glass, it will experience bubbles and peeling. If your tinting is still fairly new, and you experience peeling, it was probably not installed correctly.

Solutions for Peeling

As with causes, there are three top solutions for the peeling of car window tinting in Riverside, CA. If your tinting has worn out due to age or sun exposure, consider replacing your window tinting. This is a healthy investment to protect the interior of your car and its contents. Contact your local window tinting experts to make arrangements for your new tinting.

If your window tinting was recently installed by a professional, contact the installer. The peeling indicates it was not installed correctly, and they should repair or replace the tinting, if their work was guaranteed. Of course, quality installation should not suffer from this issue in the first place.

If you decided to install window tinting on your own or had it completed by a non-professional, you can try some DIY methods to repair your film. A fairly simple solution for bubbles in your tint is to heat the bubbled area with a hair dryer. This softens the adhesive, so you can then use a squeegee or credit card to work out the bubbles with gentle presses and smoothing strokes.

For peeling tint, you can try to re-adhere the loose pieces with a homemade solution. Mix dish soap and water, then wash the back of the peeling film with this solution. Smooth the film onto the glass with a squeegee and allow it to dry before driving.

Contact the Window Tinting Experts

Of course, the best solution for peeling of car window tinting in Riverside, CA is to call the professionals. It’s possible that your DIY attempts to repair bubbles and peeling could make the problem worse. You may not be happy with the results. If you want impeccable window tinting for your vehicle, trust the work to the experts at Sundown Window Tinting. Whether you need minor repairs or complete removal and replacement of your window tinting, our experienced professionals have you covered.

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