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4 Benefits of Residential Window Film [2019 Update]

Today’s homeowners are more concerned than ever about the efficiency of their home as well as protecting the items inside their home. This has led to an increasing number of people who are tinting their home windows. Residential window film is a fantastic way to keep energy costs low, to protect the home from sun damage, and to protect against burglary. It can even help protect the family from being injured by broken glass. Read more about the benefits of residential window film now to see why this is an excellent option for your home.

Helps to Control Both Heat and Glare

Today’s homes include huge windows to let in as much light as possible and to make sure the homeowner can enjoy the view. However, the larger windows mean there’s more glare, more heat entering the home from outside, and higher energy costs. Residential window film can fix these problems, enabling homeowners to save on energy costs and still enjoy their home. 

Windows let in heat from outside, raising the temperature inside the home throughout the summer months. This means the air conditioner needs to work harder to keep the house at a consistent temperature, leading to higher energy costs. When the windows are tinted, the heat cannot enter the home through the windows. It’s easier for the air conditioner to keep the house at a steady temperature and can help reduce the amount the homeowner pays for their energy costs every month. 

Glare is another issue that happens with larger windows in today’s homes. Most homeowners notice the glare when they’re ready to watch television. Residential window tinting can help reduce glare by more than 85%, which means no more glare on the TV. When the windows are tinted, it’s not necessary to close the blinds to watch television since the glare is dramatically reduced. 

Protects Your Home from Sun Damage

When the sun can reach into the home, UV damage can occur. While this is something that happens over time, it does lead to fading issues with carpeting, hardwood floors, furniture, and anything else inside of the home. Fading makes everything appear older, even when it’s not. When window film is in place, it blocks more than 99% of the UV rays that could enter the home. This means the furniture, flooring, and belongings are all protected from the UV rays and will continue to look great for as long as possible. 

UV rays are not just damaging for the items inside a home; they’re dangerous for the people living in the home as well. UV rays can damage your skin and eyes, so reducing the amount of UV rays entering your home can help keep you healthier. The tinting blocks more than 99% of the UV rays, so you can enjoy leaving your windows uncovered without having to worry about how harsh the UV rays are on your skin and eyes. Window tinting with the right residential window film is a great way to help protect your family from skin cancer, which is caused by UV rays.

Adds More Protection for Your Family

Most burglars enter a home through the front door or a window. Though you may have made the exterior doors more challenging to break into, have you thought about how easy it is to break one of your windows and get inside your home? Standard windows don’t provide protection against break-ins, but windows that have window film on them are more difficult to break and, therefore, are an added layer of protection against intruders. 

Installing Residential Window Film Can Help Thwart Burglaries

If a burglar tries to enter the home through the window, they’ll find it’s far more challenging to break the window because of the film. The film is strong enough to help resist against damages, meaning intruders will discover they cannot easily enter your home. Most burglars want to be in and out of a home quickly, not be caught looking around for an easier way to get inside, so this will hopefully lead to them leaving. Since the window tinting is transparent, it’s easy for you to see out of your windows and still enjoy the view. Burglars, however, will find that your home is more difficult to enter and may decide to give up.

Window Film Helps to Protect Your Family from Broken Glass

One benefit that many homeowners don’t know about window film is that it helps prevent injuries inside the home. If there’s a storm or high winds and something hits a window, it could cause the glass to shatter inside the house. With window film applied, this isn’t a concern. The window film adds another layer to the window, helping protect the window from damage.

The glass will still break. However, the window film holds the glass together, preventing it from entering the home and safeguarding everyone in the home from shattered glass all over the floors. Cleanup is minimal, and there are no shards of glass inside the home that can injure the family members. Though this is not the type of benefit that most people will focus on when they’re considering residential window tinting for their home, it’s definitely something they should keep in mind for the safety of their family.

If you’re looking for ways to decrease energy usage, protect your home & belongings, and protect your family, then residential window film is an excellent option. The window films today offer more than just a reduction in the heat that can enter your home, though that is still one of the top benefits. Window film also helps reduce glare, protect your home and family from UV rays, help prevent a break-in, and even help protect your family from potential injuries if a window is broken. Look into your options for residential window film today to learn more about having it installed on your windows.

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