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Top 3 Family Activities in Corona, CA

Great weather and the holiday season can only mean one thing. It is time to bring the whole family out. Corona, California has some exciting locations for family fun. Once you set out to explore the Corona landscape, there are some real gems out there that could help you and your family blow off some steam and capture the family spirit.

Try out these 3 fun spots in Corona, CA:

sky zone coronaSkyZone Indoor Trampoline Park

SkyZone combines the thrill of jumping with other competitive activities to offer a line-up of high energy family-friendly activities. Start with a stretch on the Open Jump trampolines. After you get acquainted with the thrill of jumping around, grab a ball. It is time to experience an age-old favorite, dodgeball. Divide the family into teams and take each other out with aerial dodgeballs. Try out some tricks as you try to evade total wipe out.If dodgeball doesn’t cut it, hop on to the hoops and slam dunk with some legend-level twists and tricks. Basketball fans can bring their best game to the trampoline court. Rims are set at different levels so everyone gets to participate. You can challenge yourself by rising through the levels.Balls aside, you can bounce and dive right into the foam bits and show off some smooth dive moves as you do it. The trampolines provide a platform to set up your jump as the colorful foam pits provide a cushy landing every time.The Warped Wall is one of Skyzone’s most challenging activities. Try and scale the tricky warped wall. You can even make a competition out of it.Tuesdays are the best days to experience Skyzone as a family. If you have little kids, there is a special kiddie zone and Toddler Time to cater exclusively to the little ones. The trampolines are all wall to wall for everyone’s safety.

Fiesta Village Family Fun Parkfiesta village near corona

Nothing says family fun like a fun park named Fiesta Village. Fiesta village has everyone covered. You can start off the day with a competitive round of mini golf. The warm morning weather sets a nice tone for a fun-filled afternoon. Later, get into pairs and get your speed thrill with the go-karts. Adults get to navigate the course ways for free if they are chaperoning a child. That makes it a super affordable activity for small, intimate families of about four.If the heat gets to you, you know it’s time to hit the waterworks. You can either experience the swirls and twirls of the 250 ft, Sidewinder Body Slide or feel the rush of Fiesta Village favorite- Blast Off Plunge. The Pyride River Rapids will also help you cool off.If you have grown up tweens or teens, they can head over to the Skate rink or the batting cages to get their fix.Your family fun day ought to end in gifts. And that’s where arcade games come in. Games such as Mario Kart Racing, skeeball CrossyRoad, and Keymaster are all available. You can win amazing prizes that will make your day even more memorable. From HUGE stuffed teddies to Apple Watches, the Fiesta Fun Park game room is the perfect ending to a great day.Take advantage of the Family Night Special on Wednesdays for amazing food and fun deals.

Mary Vagle Nature Center

Jurupa Hills plays host to the expansive Mary Vagle Nature Centre. Get your family in full-on safari gear and get ready to experience one of the South West’s wildest beauty. You can begin your day with the animals and morning sounds of nature as you take a mellow nature walk along the trails. This is the perfect time to get some well-timed shots of the local animals. You can use them to make a scrapbook for the family day out.In the afternoons, you can take breaks to get some grub. Pondside picnics are fun and therapeutic here.There is also an excellent collection of artwork on display that details the history of the area. This can help you learn about the native geology of the area. Take advantage of the affordable rates to snag great deals on hiking trails, excursions, and group trips. It is a perfect ending to a good year.Always check for tickets and availability of family-friendly packages in advance as these areas can get overwhelming foot traffic during the holidays.