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Protect Against a Forced Entry into your School with Safety Window Film

Forced entry is more of a concern than it ever has been before. Schools are increasingly in need of protection against forced entries to keep their schools safer. High-quality safety window film is designed to help increase the amount of time it takes to break through the glass, helping protect schools from vandalism and potential attackers. This increase in time can be the difference between life and death for those attending the school.

Forced Entry Without Security Window Film

Recent studies have shown that more than a third of parents in the United States are afraid for the safety of their children while they’re in school. School shooter incidents are on the rise, with deadly results when they occur. Unfortunately, according to recent research, the national average response time for law enforcement to arrive is longer than the average duration of a school shooting. Without safety window film, it’s possible for an attacker to break through the glass in under 2 seconds, no matter if they’re using a crowbar, a firearm, or kicking at the glass. This means their attack can begin immediately, as they’re able to break into the school in seconds. The window itself is not enough to slow down someone who is trying to get into the school. Since it takes time for law enforcement to arrive, these attacks can become deadly long before help can get there.

Forced Entry With Security Window Film

Window safety film helps to buy more time. It slows down the attacker, making it more likely law enforcement can arrive in time to stop the attack. Once the safety window film is installed correctly, it could take up to two minutes for someone to break through the glass. This could give students time to escape and law enforcement more time to arrive and provide help to stop the attack. No security window film is going to be able to stop an attack entirely. It’s not possible for the film to be bullet resistant. Thicker tempered glass can help, as can laminated glass, but if the windows do not already have this type of glass, it’s going to be costly to have it installed. Instead, safety window film is an excellent option as it does help slow down the ability for an attacker to enter the school and can provide the extra time needed to minimize the potential loss of life in an attack. Forced entry is also a concern when it comes to vandalism, though this does not have the potential to be as devastating as an active shooter situation. Schools can use the safety window film to help slow down anyone who might be trying to enter the school through the windows, including those who might try to enter the school at night to vandalize the property or to steal something from the school.

Different Types of Security Window Film to Choose From

Schools today have two main options if they’re interested in using safety window film for all of their windows. They will want to consider whether they’d prefer a transparent safety window film or a solar safety window film. Both will provide the protection the schools need but have other benefits as well.

  • Clear Safety Window Film – This type of window film is intended to be an invisible shield on the windows. It helps to protect against any attack where the windows are targeted as an entry point. As it is practically invisible, it adds protection without altering the look of the school or contributing to parents’ concerns about the safety of the students at the school. It also gives students an unobstructed view through the windows, so they don’t notice anything different when they’re in class.
  • Solar Safety Window Film – This has the protection provided by the clear safety window film, with the added benefit of controlling the sun’s rays inside the classroom. They still allow a fantastic view of outside for the students as well as let in plenty of natural light. The solar safety window film adds protection against everything from forced entry to harmful UV rays.

Added Protection with an Attachment System

The attachment system is an essential aspect of preventing forced entry with a safety window film. The main job of the attachment system is to help hold the broken glass and film in the window frame. This makes it harder for someone to enter the school because the glass and film will not detach from the frame and fall out of the way of the attacker. It remains in place longer, making it take longer for the intruder to enter the school. There are different types of attachment systems available for schools to choose from, but a silicone attachment system is often recommended as it has been proven to be effective.

Proper Installation is Key for Its Success

The safety film is not going to work effectively if it’s not installed correctly. Schools can take the time to learn more about the different types of safety window film available, including varying thicknesses, as well as the different attachment systems to choose the exact options for their school. All schools should then have a professional do the installation for them to ensure the best results. The film adheres to the inside of the glass; then an attachment system is used to secure the film to the frame. This adds even more protection to the windows. All of this can be done at any time, and the disruption to students and teachers is minimized. Window safety films may be practically invisible, but they provide schools with added protection against forced entry. They help to strengthen the windows, making sure it’s more difficult for someone to break in. While not altering the look of the school. Contact us today for more information about the options available for your school or to learn more about how our experts can help you protect your school from many types of forced entry.

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