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Child Safety and Window Tinting

Buying a used vehicle is simpler than buying one brand new. For one thing, you get what you get when you buy a previously owned vehicle from a private party. It isn’t likely that the owner will take it in for tests and checks for quality assurance before selling it, and nor will they offer any upgrades. On the other hand, when shopping for a brand new car at a dealership, the salesperson is going to try talking you into purchasing an upgrade package. For new cars, that means anything from power locks and windows to a leather interior to car window tinting in Riverside, CA.

Does vehicle window tinting sound good? For many people, it really does! Before you sign off for factory tinting at the dealership, consider the financial and quality benefits of opting for an aftermarket tint job. Sure, the cost of factory tinting can be rolled into your monthly payments, and it does protect the interior of your vehicle and the people inside it from UV rays. But the protective benefits may be greater if you invest in aftermarket tinting, which is especially important when it comes to protecting your kids from harmful UV exposure.

What is factory tinting?

Some straight-from-the-dealership vehicles come with dark window tints. While a darker tint may seem better, a dark factory tint is not actually the film itself, but rather the result of coloring added to the window glass. It does do a good job blocking out sunlight, but unfortunately, it’s not so great at stopping harmful UV rays from getting in through the glass. On the positive side, factory tinting provides adequate privacy and glare protection.

What is aftermarket tinting?

If you’re concerned with the harmful effects of UV rays—and you should be, especially if you have children—then you should seriously consider aftermarket tinting. This process applies the film to the glass, which darkens the glass, provides privacy, reflects glare and stops UV rays. Aftermarket tinting on all your windows helps to preserve your vehicle’s interior and protect you, your passengers’ and your children’s eyes from harm. It also helps to prevent skin from burning.

Got kids? Here’s why you should invest in a high quality aftermarket window tint

Let’s find out how car window tinting in Riverside, CA can help protect your child’s eyes:

  • First and foremost, young eyes need to be protected from the sun. This can prevent eye and vision problems later on in life.
  • In an attempt to protect your kids from the sun on drives, you may end up buying window shades or blinds—the removable kind. These window shades may block out the sun, but they can turn into dangerous flying objects in the event of a crash. Since aftermarket tinting is applied directly to your car’s windows, there’s no need to worry about it like you would shades.
  • The sun can also burn your child’s delicate eyes. A sunburn on the eye is damage to the thin surface layer of the cornea. This can be prevented by adding tint to all the windows, or at least the back passenger windows.

Call Sundown Window Tinting for more information about car window tinting in Riverside, CA!

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