Window Tinting

April 23, 2018

Learn About the New Window Film to Protect Your Artificial Turf

Reflective windows allow homeowners to maximize their energy efficiency and reduce their cooling costs while simultaneously making the most of the natural light available to them. The most common type of reflective windows is low emissive (or low-E) windows. While there are a number of obvious benefits associated with low-E windows, they do have a surprising and often expensive side effect. Working with a qualified provider of residential window tinting in Riverside, CA can help you mitigate those side effects and make the most of your investment in low-E windows. Low-E windows block and reflect as much as 99 percent of the ultraviolet light that shines down toward your home. They also block a substantial amount of infrared light. While this does wonders for your carbon footprint and energy expenses, it also forces all of that thermal energy to be reflected elsewhere. Low-E windows can reflect ultraviolet light onto your home’s siding, your neighbor’s siding, your natural grass or your artificial turf. Once the concentrated reflections hit a plastic-like surface, like vinyl or artificial turf, it often causes it to melt or burn. Addressing window reflections Thankfully, there’s an easy and cost-effective solution to the low-E window problem: anti-reflective window […]
April 11, 2018

Need New Window Coverings for Your Office? We’ve Got You Covered

Window coverings like blinds and roller shades can help you maximize the energy efficiency of your commercial space and provide your employees with a more comfortable and private working environment. Investing in high-quality window coverings for your office is often a smart business decision that pays dividends over the long term. Purchasing window treatments in Riverside, CA is a great way to maximize employee efficiency and make the most of your existing office space. There are a number of benefits you’ll reap by installing window treatments in Riverside, CA at your office space. Here are just a few of the reasons you should consider investing in high-quality blinds or other forms of window coverings: Privacy: Blinds can prevent peeping eyes from looking in on what goes on at your office space. This is valuable because it will help you make your employees feel more comfortable while they’re hard at work. Increased privacy is an important benefit associated with newly installed blinds and window coverings. Your employees are more likely to feel comfortable on the job if they’re working in private. Increased productivity: When your employees can’t see what’s going on outside, they’re less likely to be distracted by it! Installing […]
March 15, 2018

Window Tinting for Environmental Efficiency

All homeowners are constantly looking for ways to improve their homes, especially when it comes to stepping up energy efficiency efforts that could save them money. For this reason, many contemplate installing brand new energy efficient windows in hopes of lowering heating and cooling costs, but this type of improvement does not always fit snuggly into the family budget. If you are looking to lower your energy costs but need a simple, cost-effective solution that you can put to use right away, consider investing in residential window tinting in Riverside, CA. Here are some of the benefits of doing so. Stay cool during the summer With the weather improving each day, you will soon be running your air conditioning non-stop to beat the scorching heat, and window tinting can help make this task much more affordable. By selectively blocking the radiation from the sun during the day, tinted windows can help your house remain cool and comfortable, allowing you to run your air conditioning and ceiling fans far less than usual. In fact, you could be enjoying energy savings of up to 30 percent, no matter how large your windows may be. In addition to the extra money you will […]
January 29, 2018

What Causes Car Window Tinting in Riverside, CA to Peel?

If you’ve ever seen peeling car window tinting in Riverside, CA, you may wonder how this happens. This condition may make you hesitant to purchase car window tinting for your vehicle. Read on to find out what makes car window tinting peel and how you can easily fix this if you would like window tinting on your vehicle. Causes of Peeling There are three main causes of peeling in car window tinting in Riverside, CA. First is sun exposure. After years of harsh heat, the tinting adhesive begins to break down. As this happens, the film starts to detach from the glass, starting at the edges. The second cause is age. As with any other product, nothing lasts forever. Your car window tinting in Riverside, CA will hopefully have a long, healthy life, but it eventually needs to be replaced. The third cause of peeling is poor installation. If your window tinting was not attached properly to the glass, it will experience bubbles and peeling. If your tinting is still fairly new, and you experience peeling, it was probably not installed correctly. Solutions for Peeling As with causes, there are three top solutions for the peeling of car window tinting […]