November 7, 2017

Get Home Window Tinting in Riverside, CA for Safety and Security

When you think of tinted windows, you may picture a vehicle with dark panes. Perhaps you envision a limo or a bus with windows tinted for privacy or security. But did you know that window tint in Riverside, CA is also a great solution for homes? Window films by Madico offer glass solutions for residential and commercial properties. Home window tinting in Riverside, CA adds a layer of safety and security to your home. Commercial window tinting protects property and personnel. Installing window tint in Riverside, CA offers several benefits for both of these settings: Reduces injury: Broken glass can cause serious injury. Whether a window is shattered by children at play or an adult suffers from a fall, shards of glass can prove deadly. Window tint strengthens glass so it is less likely to shatter. If it is broken, the tint holds pieces together to prevent flying shards and offer protection against sharp edges. Impedes burglars: Interior 7 mil security film protects your property against smash and grabs. Would-be burglars are thwarted by glass that doesn’t shatter with one punch. When they fail to gain easy access, they often give up. Others spend so long trying to get through […]