December 27, 2017

How to Care for Car Window Tinting in Riverside, CA

Tinting your car windows can offer several great benefits, from improved aesthetic appeal to protection from UV rays. You might be considering this service for yourself, or you may have had your car’s windows tinted recently. Either way, you have to consider the long-term care of your car’s windows. When you have your windows tinted with specialized film, there are some extra considerations that you will have to take into account when it comes to long-term care and maintenance. One of your biggest concerns may be whether you can wash your car windows after they have been tinted. Fortunately, tinted car windows can be cleaned to keep your vehicle looking fantastic. There are several different methods you can use to keep your windows in great condition: Basic window cleaning: In many cases, tinted car windows don’t need much to look clean again. If you want a gentle clean that won’t interfere with your car window tinting in Riverside, CA, all you need is a microfiber cloth and a spray bottle with some water. Simply spray water onto the window and then wipe it off in a vertical and then horizontal pattern until it is completely dry without any streaks. Auto […]
December 27, 2017

The Advantages of Commercial Window Tinting in Riverside, CA

You might have noticed some buildings with dark windows in commercial or industrial areas. Beyond just the surface appearance, you might wonder what, if anything, this darker window color can do to benefit businesses. These darker windows are usually indicative of the application of commercial window tinting in Riverside, CA. Window tinting is a service that can be done after windows are installed in a building to provide a number of health, security and cost benefits. The service can be completed quickly and effectively by a professional team that specializes in commercial window tinting in Riverside, CA, and you can enjoy the benefits for years. Find out what commercial window tinting can offer your business and decide whether this service is right for you: Increased efficiency: Window tinting can reduce your energy usage and costs significantly. The tint can block up to 80 percent of heat from the sun, which means that you don’t have to spend nearly as much money on energy to cool your building in the hotter months. Because so much of the monthly budget of a business is allocated to heating and cooling expenses, this reduction can mean big savings of energy and money. Better comfort: […]
November 20, 2017

Six Reasons to Invest in Car Window Tinting in Riverside, CA

Auto window tinting in Riverside, CA isn’t just for limos and Greyhounds. As a vehicle owner, you can benefit from car window tinting in Riverside, CA. Unaware of its advantages, many car owners miss out on the value of this feature. Do you know about these benefits? Window tinting offers protection on six fronts: Protects against thieves: Whether a thief is trying to grab something off your seat or trying to steal your car, they want quick and easy access. With window tinting in place, you prevent a simple smash and grab. The film makes your window harder to break, and it also keeps the glass in one solid piece if broken. Since car thieves are typically in a hurry, they usually move on rather than wrestle with a film of glass. Protects your health: Did you know the beach isn’t the only place you are exposed to harmful UV rays? If you’re driving on a sunny day, you are hit with the sun’s rays inside your car, too. UV blocking window tint decreases your exposure to these damaging sun rays. Reduce your chances of sunburn and skin cancer by applying car window tinting in Riverside, CA. Even if your […]
November 7, 2017

Get Home Window Tinting in Riverside, CA for Safety and Security

When you think of tinted windows, you may picture a vehicle with dark panes. Perhaps you envision a limo or a bus with windows tinted for privacy or security. But did you know that window tint in Riverside, CA is also a great solution for homes? Window films by Madico offer glass solutions for residential and commercial properties. Home window tinting in Riverside, CA adds a layer of safety and security to your home. Commercial window tinting protects property and personnel. Installing window tint in Riverside, CA offers several benefits for both of these settings: Reduces injury: Broken glass can cause serious injury. Whether a window is shattered by children at play or an adult suffers from a fall, shards of glass can prove deadly. Window tint strengthens glass so it is less likely to shatter. If it is broken, the tint holds pieces together to prevent flying shards and offer protection against sharp edges. Impedes burglars: Interior 7 mil security film protects your property against smash and grabs. Would-be burglars are thwarted by glass that doesn’t shatter with one punch. When they fail to gain easy access, they often give up. Others spend so long trying to get through […]