May 24, 2018

How Window Tinting Affects Your Energy Costs

One of the best ways to save money in your home is to reduce your energy consumption. Doing so is friendly to your bank account and helps minimize your impact on the environment. Window tinting can also minimize sun damage to your belongings inside your home. A company that specializes in window tinting in Riverside, CA, like Sundown Window Tinting, can install tinting to lower your monthly energy bill. We’re a locally and family owned company that prides itself on our excellent service to our customers. We can give you advice and a custom quote for window tinting your home. Here are the top ways window tinting affects your energy costs: Summer help: The most obvious reason for window tinting in Riverside, CA is to protect your home in the summer. Tinting the windows keeps heat, light and UV rays from entering through the window. With less heat entering, you won’t have to keep the AC turned up to keep your house cool. Not running your AC as frequently means a lower energy bill and less of a need to repair or replace the AC. Warmer winter windows: Another plus of window tinting in Riverside, CA is that you’ll stay […]
May 12, 2018

What Is Anti-Graffiti Film?

Cleaning your property of signs of graffiti can be annoying and costly. One solution is anti-graffiti film. In this case, the initial cost is much less than the cost of replacing a sign or having to clean or cover up graffiti. Anti-graffiti films help protect the sign or building from graffiti-related damage and make cleanup a breeze. Protecting spray painting and markers Graffiti creates a huge financial burden in terms of cleanup, replacement and repair. It also creates a negative psychological response for those who view it. Graffiti on your place of business or a sign advertising it can negatively affect your public perception. Self-adhesive graffiti film solutions can offer a fast and economical means of paint removal without impacting the underlying graphic. These get rid of the graffiti without having to replace the sign or repaint the advertisement. An anti-graffiti laminate is another option. This choice is especially useful for buildings with smooth walls or anyone who finds they are regular targets of graffiti artists. Using this method is much more cost-effective than not protecting your surfaces and having to constantly clean them. Protection from scratches It’s not just graffiti that anti-graffiti film protects against. It also protects against […]
April 23, 2018

Learn About the New Window Film to Protect Your Artificial Turf

Reflective windows allow homeowners to maximize their energy efficiency and reduce their cooling costs while simultaneously making the most of the natural light available to them. The most common type of reflective windows is low emissive (or low-E) windows. While there are a number of obvious benefits associated with low-E windows, they do have a surprising and often expensive side effect. Working with a qualified provider of residential window tinting in Riverside, CA can help you mitigate those side effects and make the most of your investment in low-E windows. Low-E windows block and reflect as much as 99 percent of the ultraviolet light that shines down toward your home. They also block a substantial amount of infrared light. While this does wonders for your carbon footprint and energy expenses, it also forces all of that thermal energy to be reflected elsewhere. Low-E windows can reflect ultraviolet light onto your home’s siding, your neighbor’s siding, your natural grass or your artificial turf. Once the concentrated reflections hit a plastic-like surface, like vinyl or artificial turf, it often causes it to melt or burn. Addressing window reflections Thankfully, there’s an easy and cost-effective solution to the low-E window problem: anti-reflective window […]
April 11, 2018

Need New Window Coverings for Your Office? We’ve Got You Covered

Window coverings like blinds and roller shades can help you maximize the energy efficiency of your commercial space and provide your employees with a more comfortable and private working environment. Investing in high-quality window coverings for your office is often a smart business decision that pays dividends over the long term. Purchasing window treatments in Riverside, CA is a great way to maximize employee efficiency and make the most of your existing office space. There are a number of benefits you’ll reap by installing window treatments in Riverside, CA at your office space. Here are just a few of the reasons you should consider investing in high-quality blinds or other forms of window coverings: Privacy: Blinds can prevent peeping eyes from looking in on what goes on at your office space. This is valuable because it will help you make your employees feel more comfortable while they’re hard at work. Increased privacy is an important benefit associated with newly installed blinds and window coverings. Your employees are more likely to feel comfortable on the job if they’re working in private. Increased productivity: When your employees can’t see what’s going on outside, they’re less likely to be distracted by it! Installing […]